holiday pies

We are now offering pies for the holidays!  Menu options are as follows:

Pumpkin Pie* | 18.95

Apple Pie* | 20.95
Blueberry Peach | 22.95
Cherry Pie* | 20.95
Pear Ginger* | 20.95

Pecan Pie* | 21.95
Bourbon Pecan Pie | 22.95

Blackberry Cobbler | 22.95

*Available in Gluten-Free for an added charge

Holiday cake

Prefer cake for your holiday?  No problem!  We have a lovely Thanksgiving design that can be added to any of our cakes.  You can find the sizes and prices for cakes on the menu links below.

Signature Bavarian Cream Cheesecake     

Traditional Buttercream and Specialty Cake