Valentine's Day Specials

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Ludger's Valentine Cake

Ludger's Valentine Cake

A 6" heart-shaped vanilla Bavarian cream cheesecake covered in chocolate ganache and topped with a buttercream red rose. The cake is packaged in a fancy red box. 
Classic Heart Cake | $35 each

GLUTEN-FREE Heart Cake | $45 each


These mini cakes have stolen our hearts and we don't want them back! Whether you're feeling sassy or sentimental, there's a mini cake for you!
$25 each

Phrases Available:
Treat Yo Self
I Love You
Happy Valentine's Day
Mi Amor
CAKE is my Valentine
I Hate You the Least
Not Today, Cupid
Single AF
Taken AF
Customize your own: 25 letters max, writing will be standard cursive
Design photos are examples, no two cakes will look exactly alike. Your cake will be perfectly unique, just like you! 

Valentine Strawberries

Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate.  
Dozen Strawberries | Presented in a long-stem red rose box tied with a red bow. | $30
Half Dozen Strawberries | Presented in a windowed red box. | $16 


Cake Ball Box

Each box comes with 9 cake balls- 3 vanilla, 3 chocolate, and 3 strawberry. Cake balls will be decorated in a variety of valentines designs featuring sprinkles, glitter, and drizzles.
Box of 9 | $22

Cream Puff Pack

Featuring Raspberry Bavarian cream, only available during the month of February! Each box will come with 4 cream puffs- 1 vanilla, 1 chocolate, 1 strawberry, and 1 raspberry.
Box of 4 | $8

Chocolate Cherry Dessert Parfait

A beautifully layered dessert parfait, featuring cherry jello, vanilla Bavarian cream swirled with fudge, Oreo crumbs, whipped cream, and Valentine's Day sprinkles.
Single Parfait | $4.50


Strawberry Lemon Bars 
A tangy lemon bar, topped with a bright strawberry glaze | $3.00


Hand Pies
Raspberry Love Notes | Pie dough filled with raspberry jam and folded to look like an open envelop (or love letter!) | $3.00

Know what you want and would like to order and pay online?  Order here!